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Check the weather in Italy this week, and the weather forecast for Italy next week.

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Italy Weather This Week - Next Week

The Weather This Week in Italy, Europe: On this page you will see a map and the weather for Italy in Europe. If you are visiting Italy, you can use this page to both find your way around the area and check on the weather in Italy both this week and next week (*for next weeks weather in Italy click the "Weather Next Week Italy" link top right of map). The Italy weather shown is for the next 7 days, for 8-14 day weather in Italy, follow the link.

You will also find the weather and map handy if you are visiting these places: Rome, Venice, Naples, Verona, Pisa, Sicily, Sardinia, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Florence, Ravenna, Monza, Padua, Rimini and other attractions and places to visit near Italy.

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